Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Recent changes in sales tax laws in some states require JoyfulGives (and other online marketplaces) to collect and remit sales tax on certain sales. JoyfulGives collects sales tax at the basic personal property rate for items sold into a state where JoyfulGives will be considered the “seller” for sales tax purposes. JoyfulGives collects tax on items sold through JoyfulGives’s payment processing services.

JoyfulGives will automatically calculate and apply the tax rate for items sold into affected states. If you are a supporter selling a taxable item, you won’t need to take any additional steps: JoyfulGives will handle the calculation, filing, and reporting as if the sale was made by JoyfulGives.

For more details please refer to JoyfulGives link about Sales Tax Policy.

JoyfulGives does not retain credit card information. JoyfulGives uses a third-party merchant platform ( to process purchase transactions within the website. Please refer to the third-party merchant platform’s ( privacy policy and how they protect your payment information.

For more details, please refer to JoyfulGives Privacy Policy.

All sales transacted within the website are final and funds from the purchase will be donated to the organization selected by the supporter (seller). However, customers (buyers) who have completed a purchase but desire to file a dispute for that purchase shall go through their credit card company to file a dispute and obtain a refund.

JoyfulGives Client Services team will respond to disputes sent by these credit card companies.

Please refer to JoyfulGives Privacy Policy.

JoyfulGives has a chat messaging platform within the site. Customers (buyers) must be registered users of to be able to use the chat room.

Please refer to JoyfulGives Term of Use Policy regarding the Site’s chat messaging forum.

Anybody can refer a non-profit organization not registered in There are various ways to refer within the website and our sales team will attend to these requests:

  1. Clicking the link on the Site’s home page regarding the referral program.
  2. Clicking the referral link on the ADD AN ITEM page within the supporter’s profile.
  3. By sending an email to providing the name and address of the organization, point of contact email of the organization representative, the referral’s name and contact information (phone, email, and address)

JoyfulGives encourages and provides incentive money to those who refer an organization into the website. A $25 gift card will be awarded to the first referral made for an organization that registers on the website and has reached its first 25 cumulative transactions.

Please refer to the JoyfulGives referral page for more information.

Customers are the practical and socially responsible people that visit our site for a variety of reasons. They come to to take advantage of the great deals available, with the knowledge that their purchase also helps to make this world a better place by placing the proceeds in the hands of those organizations specifically purposed to do so.

All needed information to register are your name, email address, and provide your password. To create your profile, you will provide personal brief description of yourself, user name, phone number, state, city, and zip code of your location.

Supporters are the generous souls who graciously donate possessions (items or funds) that they can part with for the benefit of others in need and/or the greater good. Supporters need only provide their general location info (city/town, state, zip code) in order to donate on

All needed information to register are your name, email address, and provide your password. To create your profile, you will provide personal brief description of yourself, user name, phone number, state, city, and zip code of your location.

Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) are the beneficiaries of all graciously and generously donated items and funds, and our primary focus at We are here to assist you to more effectively and efficiently connect with a wider range and depth of supporters and account for all donation transactions performed on our website.

The information required to register an organization includes the name of the organization and address, its mission statement and objectives and the organization representative contact information. Also required will be the organization’s bank account information and bank routing number, picture of a voided check and evidence of NPO 501(c) document.

Customers (buyers) and Supporters (sellers) do not pay a fee to use the website. Ultimately, all sales transactions within the website are benefiting organizations. These organizations receive funds from all the donation transactions within the site and will be shouldering the merchant transaction and website transaction fees. marketplace only collects donations for non-profit organizations at this time.

Sale transactions have to be completed within the Site for organizations to benefit from the supporter donation. Zelle, Venmo, or other offsite merchant platforms are not available for this process. JoyfulGives uses a third-party merchant platform ( to complete the donation.

JoyfulGives also provides a link to make direct monetary donations to a registered organization within Please use this link to make a monetary donation

All purchase and pick-up transactions within are done locally. has not integrated shipping for products for sale at this time.

  • Never share confidential information with another person (i.e. passwords, social security numbers, banking information).
  • Don't share your phone number. Chat through the JoyfulGives website! Follow our tips for messaging.
  • Research the person, product, and place.
    • Check out the other person's profile. What do others say about them?
    • Look at the item photos. Do they give you enough detail?
    • Pick a safe place during a busy time of day.
    • Use the following link to find Safe Trade Spots.
    • Always buy and sell in well-lit, monitored, public locations such as cafes or grocery stores.

JoyfulGives only operates within the United States at this time.

Non-profit organizations (NPO) that registered on or claimed their organization from the non-partnered NPO listing, completed and submitted their organization profile for approval by the Site’s support team are considered partnered organizations of Joyful Gives, LLC. Partnered organizations get the benefit of having their own webpage on, an organization’s admin panel to account and manage posted and sold donations, as well to account for any monetary donations, and to view all payouts made by to the organization.

Non-partnered non-profit organizations (NPO) are all the NPOs integrated onto the website. has integrated over one million non-profit organizations onto the Site, downloaded from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) listing. Non-partnered NPOs have not fully registered and have a temporary webpage on showing the organization’s EIN and organization’s city and state. Only item donations can be tagged to benefit a non-partnered NPO. Joyful Gives LLC support team will immediately reach out to the non-partnered NPO upon sale of an item tagged for their organization, as per state and federal requirements.

Yes, we have complied with The Campaign Registry (TCR).
We understand the importance of complying with TCR regulations. TCR is a registry designed to help combat unwanted telemarketing calls and texts, and we take our responsibility to comply with TCR regulations seriously.

To ensure compliance, we have taken the necessary steps to register with TCR and regularly update our database with the latest information from the registry. This means that we only send telemarketing calls and texts to individuals who have provided their consent, and we honor opt-out requests promptly.

We are committed to maintaining compliance with TCR regulations and providing our clients with the best possible service. If you have any questions about our TCR compliance or would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.