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We have organized this service for you, the supporter, because we as members of various non-profit organizations have seen the usefulness of a web-based service that connects all participants in donation activities and creates efficiencies for all.

Why should you donate through What can we do for you?

No need to bring your donated items to Brick & Mortar storefronts; all transactions are merchandised by you and displayed at a price that you choose. Our online storefront allows central housing and display of all your donated items for sale.
You get to pick who, from available organizations, will benefit from your donations. If your organization is not listed, you can reach out to them to get registered with our service.
JoyfulGives maintains records of all transacted sales and cash donations, providing you with reports that you can view and download for use in preparation of your taxes.
JoyfulGives will enable you to donate what you want, when you want, for how much you want to a wide range of non-profit organizations, and keep track of your donations and donation transactions all in one central location. Register now!