Retreat for Heroes

Assist in the healing of PTSD and prevention of suicide by providing a refuge and events where First Responders defined as Police Officers, Firefighters, EMS, 911 Telecommunicators, Veterans, ER Doctor, Nurses, Civilian Contractors, and their families can come together and heal. "Building and fostering relationships both inside and outside the family". Assisting in preserving their mental health to improve the overall family dynamic using outdoor sports and activities in a safe and structured environment utilizing peer support.

Retreat for Heroes was born from Heath’s passion for service over his 30-year career of public, private, and Military Service. Heath has watched professionals over the years fall through the cracks of their agencies and have nowhere to turn when they start feeling the devastating effects of their years of service as it comes back to affect their lives. This became apparent to Heath in 2021 when these devastating effects came to his life when the effects of his Post Traumatic Stress and a prescription medication overdose of Wellbutrin overpowered his life and he lost his marriage of 25 years and his family. The effects of all of this and other devastation that resulted from this became so overwhelming, and he tried multiple times to take his own life. It was at this point that Heath decided that Retreat for Heroes needed to come alive and become more than just an idea, but a healing destination.

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